Product specifications & packaging details

Chemical and Physical specifications

  • Lemon : Typical Lemon flavor, > 6% essential oils.

  • Orange: Typical Orange Flavor, > 3% essential oils.


  • Bags: Hermetic Bags and Woven Polypropylene bag machine stitched.

  • Cartons: Open head carton sealed with tape, palletized and wrapped.

  • Net Weight: 25kg


  • Monthly Volumes:
    >24 Tons oranges per harvesting month
    >3 Tons per lemon harvesting month

Harvesting Seasons

  • All seasons for our oranges.

  • January , February, May, June, July, October, November and December for our lemon.

Shelf life

  • Twelve months when stored in a dry, clean area away from direct sunlight.

Drying method

  • Hot air